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Dhavioindia-truly natural

Honor your body and pamper your body with truly natural hair and skin care products from DHAVIO. Dhavio products are made from natural, organic, and handpicked ingredients. Dhavio products are chemical-free and free from animal cruelty. In essence, all products are from nature and aimed to do good to people and to nature itself
A natural shampoo with conditioner for longer and heathier and shining hair. Loaded with AROMA THERAPY…

Rice face wash from Dhavio made from pure and natural rice water and enriched with AROMA THERAPY OIL…

A 2 in 1 Body wash with conditioner and Moisturizer made with Natural and Organic handpicked Hibiscus…

Dhavio Face pack and scrub is made of handpicked organic hibiscus flowers, Sandalwood, Turmeric, rice…

Hello, My wife is using your Hibiscus Shampoo, and the results are amazing. Thank You So Much for the powerful and amazing product. Hope many more best things come from you. Thank You.

Dr. Sushilkumar B S T Dasarahalli, Bangalore

We are using shampoo from last 2 months, my son had eye itchiness. After using the shampoo the itchiness is reduced to large extent

Mrs. Veena R T Nagar, Bangalore

Hi mam.We are very happy with the result we got from usage of Hibiscus shampoo. It helped in reduction of dandruff and also improved hair quality.

Manjula Doddabidarakallu Circle,

Mam I received the flaxseed shampoo before few days. I used it twice already. It’s really too awesome, I was having dandruff but now it is no more. I really liked it so much. Thanks for such an amazing shampoo

Shruthi Pradeep Harihara,

Hi mam your Dhavio shampoo & body wash is awesome, Iam super happy with kind of results I got, since one month of usage I can see significant reduction in hair fall and hairs are shining. Thank you so much madam

S.N.Savitha Jain Koppa, Chikkamagulr

Hi, I started to use Dhavio shampoo for Hair fall, Got good result, Surprisingly , long standing Migraine reduced with the usage of shampoo and thyroid medication came down. Hats off to Dhavio

Shivakumariah Chennagiri

Hello Madam, Dhavio Products are really excellent, Iam in love with them. Iam using Shampoo, Facewash and Scrub. Iam really amazed with the products. Softness and Glowing Skin, Hairs became silky .face wash made my skin glowing and smooth

Rekha Siddapura, Uttarkannada

Dhavio shampoo has helped in reducing migraine and thyroid problem, so great full for the awesome product

Jagadeesh Donihalli, Davanegre

After using Dhavio shampoo, my ear pain has gone fully, thank you and all the best

Preethi Girish

My hair has become without using condition with hibiscus shampoo, thanks for introducing wonder full shampoo

Yashshavini Bhaga

Hello mam good morning I’m using flaxseeds facewash from three days, the result is awesome, I have pimple problem, I can feel the difference in threes days only. Thank you.

Manasa Hegde Hubballi, Karnataka

Hi madam, good afternoon, your are very good and awesome, my husband used to have boils on his head and with usage of your shampoo that’s drastically gone down


Good morning madam, We used a complete bottle of hibiscus shampoo and we are truly amazed with the results, so glad that the hair fall has reduced, our hairs have become soft and shiny and its just because of your social work, and Gayathri madam to upload your content her video, so very much thankful to you bath

G U Gangamani Rawatbhata, Rajasthan

Hello, My wife is using your Hibiscus Shampoo, and the results are amazing. Thank You So Much for the powerful and amazing product. Hope many more best things come from you. Thank You.

Dr. Sushilkumar B S T Dasarahalli, Bangalore

I am so happy with the results mam. I am using flaxseed shampoo from past 1 month, it’s really nice, my hair has become straight and dandruff has been reduced a lot. It’s really wonderful and I’m loving the results.

Ruchitha S Rajanukunte, Bangalore

Hi mam 4 days back I received Dhavio Hibiscus shampoo and flax seeds facewash. After using face wash my skin get glow within only 4 days. Seriously am so happy. Dhavio Shampoo is also too good. Thanks to Ur team for such a wonderful product& introducing it us.

Ashwini sj Brundavana Nilaya, Chitradurga

Madam, Iam using the Hibiscus shampoo, facewash and scrub for last 25 days. Hair quality improved, hair fall reduced significantly, with shampoo and with body wash I can see the skin toning improving and with face was my skin is glowing. I wish all the success to Team Dhavio.

Marenahalli,Vijayanagar, Bangalore <br> 560040 KrishnamurthyPuram, Mysoru

Since I started using the shampoo, Apart from regular benefit on improving the hair shining and reduction in hair fall, my ear paid has gone, whenever I used to take head bath, I used get ear paid, with Dhavio shampoo, no traces of ear pain.

Savitha Madhanayakanahalli , Bangalore

Dhavio Shampoo-Great product & world's best shampoo

Sonali M Uppin Solapur, Maharastra

Hi madam, I using your product, its really amazing, I love mam, usually I use other facewash, my face become black but your product is very good madam, and body wash is excellent, shampoo also very very good , hair become very smooth and shining

Manjula C.V Raman Nagar, Bengaluru

I used hibiscus face scrub . It's really good. Could feel the softness n freshness on skin .Thank u so much. Finally I can see no hairfall.Thank u so much for ur world-class product .It should get market in world wide .

Sushma Bharat Hampinagara Vijayanagara, Bangalore

Hello madam, I started using hibiscus shampoo and hair fall is reduced and itching has reduced and hairs have become silky and one more miracle is after using the shampoo my migraine has reduced, thanks for the wonderful product. Salute to you natural and organic products and I recommend all to use Dhavio products.

Savitha Sampath huliyar road, Hiriyur

We are so great full to Dhavio. My husband has dandruff and itching in the head for many years, many medicine and shampoo couldn't help him, and with usage of Dhavio shampoo both issues vanished and I had uncontrolled hair fall , which all most stopped since usage of Dhavio shampoo Hairs have become silky and shiny, I feel magical and aroma of shampoo is so good it keeps me feel good through out the day. we are having excellent result with the product. Thank you Dhavio

Renuka Nagaraj NR Pura, Chikkamangalore

Hi Madam, My hair quality has improved a lot since I started to use Dhavio Shampoo, my hairs were damaged using chemical shampoos and with usage of Dhavio chemical free shampoo, I can really see my hair quality improving and shining. Iam really thankful to Dhavio for these amazing products. Dhavio products are 100% natural and I vouch for its naturality and everyone can use Dhavio products. Once again heartly thankful to u madam

Anitha Balakrishnan Sagar, Shivamogga